For another gleaming smile,

welcoming you back home.

Decorated rooms fill with delight,

your world is free to roam.

Today is filled with happiness and good wishes,

your day to share with those you love.

As each moment passes by,

your heart forms into a beautiful foxglove.


The smell of bubbly fizzles in a glass,

the sound of music adds the extra touch.

Their thoughtful gifts wait to be opened,

for the star's gratefulness is valued much.

Sending another item to your gift,

the atmosphere fumes in positivity.

For you who has always been there,

nothing beats what your mother truly see.


More surprises to share,

more moments remind me of you.

As each milestone is greatly appreciated,

looking forward hides many significant clues.

As you blow another candle,

whispers your secret wish.

All cheerful spotlights gaze onto yours,

taking your moment to replenish.


When there's little cake left,

and setting your goals for motivation.

Weary of personal obstacles ahead,

you'll always remain an inspiration.

Making today yours to celebrate,

breathing in the new year of life.

As today marks another chapter,

take a deep breath and enjoy your gift to the world.