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As each pearl,

begins to outshine each other,

picking rivals in who'd be chosen first?

Each ray, new and blinding,

appears unbreakable on the string.

Explore into their far depths, an invisible curse.


Once turned away,

each pearl hangs onto their loose thread,

struggling to stay in their borderlines,

they glow weaker and dim.

Subtle cracks replace the rays,

Stubbornly refuse to give up their shines.


Round and round in circles,

day after day,

Deep concern of the heartless label.

Gradually forming into another copy. 

Much courage to break the cycle,

balancing their control to be stable.


Progressively losing one's voice,

Many pearls vote to hide their shine,

But some form the idea for changing rituals.

Traumatized and regretful to question oneself,

observing their shine to the great ocean,

are we capable in spiritual?


The gentle rush of the salty sea,

re coats their shine without permission,

leaving few refreshed and clean.

Others join the collision against the eroded stones,

those left behind plead for the sweep,

confusion of the majestic grand sea.


The defenceless thread dissolves into the sand bed,

uneasy the rumbled sound quakes,

aggressive slaps of the deceitful sea spray.

Pearls huddle together,

the loose bed foams into their coffins,

forming together against one, 

Their blinding shine is at bay.


The dominating waves charge furiously,

the pearl's cracks are taken into their advantage,

collides once more, with their shines as a shield.

The ocean crashes in excruciating pain,

as its tides dramatically swims out, 

The pearl's intense shine flourishes proudly. 


Rejoicing in their victory,

every shine slowly settles.

As the glorious ocean tearfully retreat,

not all have the heart to celebrate.

Abandoned to witness the heartfelt cries,

imprinting the unusual taste of bittersweet. 

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