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I’m feeling nervous now,

praying it’ll work.

But I promised myself a new vow,

to make full use of what I’ve learnt.

Don’t allow negativity,

to abuse me and get burnt. 

Exhausted in their judgemental voices,

cowardly hides behind their masks.

Invading with poisoned noises,

so many eyes are glaring,

avoid in returning to my shell,

searching for someone who’s caring.

Every story is valuable,

can be told in many forms,

we’ll produce something magical. 

We play all sorts of roles,

many doors lead to many directions,

confidence gives us full control.

Gradually becoming role models,

in the hope to help,

firmly standing with our morals.

Clinging onto our hopes and dreams,

with the power of listening,

bonding into lifelong teams.

Original perspectives are freely expressed,

honesty forms into our stainless weapon.

Walking through this rocky quest,

we’re learning to make a difference,

passion burns through our eyes,

educating our society’s ignorance.


Stained tears will fall,

words will leave us wounded,

we’ll knock down this stereotypical wall.

Working harder than ever before,

spending many sleepless nights,

we’ll never shy away from your roar.


We should mark this occasion.

glowing deep inside,

in supporting another generation.

Receiving hugs and complements,

watching them smile,

for achieving their accomplishments.

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