I offer film productions that are simplistic and also include editing that is quick, clean and basic, which is ideal for charities to promote awareness and inspiration for their cause. I will also include both the logo and music to catch the audience's eye on Youtube. 

Two of many examples of my filmmaking and editing. The first was an over 2 minute film for Exeter YMCA. They promoted an event called 'Monster Run', which included both their residents and staff to take part in a short series of gym workout video diaries to raise awareness in health and exercise, as well as achieving their shared goal in completing the Monster Run event. 

The second was an over 1 minute film for MNDA Motor Neurone Disease Association. They promoted an event called 'Walk to D'feet', that was raising awareness and funding for families and friends who are affected by Motor Neurone Disease. 


I have had the passion for writing since I was a child and the reasons why I love writing is because I find writing exciting and thought provoking. I believe that all forms of writing release the rich emotions and can form inspiration for change and new perspectives. Through my writing, I am also searching for true and raw feelings, as well as presenting unique voices to educate and raise awareness for my audiences. 
I have been writing for events, website content, poetry, monologues, short stories, performances, case studies and product descriptions. 
The example below is one of the many product descriptions for The Donkey Sanctuary's online shop.
Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 21.59.18.png


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Since I received my first camera, I have been growing in confidence by learning about photography through travelling, learning from new surroundings and enjoyed meeting new clients. I always provide a professional approach and experiment with different angles and tones to capture a natural and beautiful photo. I try to find the rawest of perspectives and allow the characters to tell their own unique stories to our audience.
I can provide photography for upcoming events and performances, as well as editing and posting on social media sites. Here are some examples and you can follow me on my Instagram page. 


As mentioned I can provide both photography and filmmaking to help local charities in Exeter. 
I am doing this to expand my experiences and skills, gain new contacts and most importantly help the wonderful charities.
Obviously there are costs involved, I will charge my services for £100 (£50 for filming or photos and £50 for editing) that includes music and graphics. 
Other restrictions are; 
Any meetings or productions must happen in Exeter City Centre and between 9:00 - 7:00 Monday to Saturday, unfortunately this is due to transport limitations. 
I am happy to offer services outside of these hours, however additional travel expenses will be charged. 


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