Stepping into your future,

overwhelmed by how time flies.

Looking back at your childhood nest,

comfort in growing into a butterfly.

Starting afresh,

side by side with your best friend.

Rebuilding your ideal dream,

relieved in them as a Godsend.

Taking a deep breathe,

amazed in your finest dress.

Years of transformation goes by,

allowing both hearts to confess.

Angels glide through their aisle,

remembering how far you've come,

causing the rising crowd of smiles.

The slight spark of the golden promises,

lying on the cool palm.

Devoting yourself into a chapter of happiness,

filled with love and charm.

Your bare finger,

decorated by a committed vow.

Your hand sits perfectly into theirs,

both unique souls finally connect now.

Cheerful audience fade into the moment,

lips touch once more.

To mark their new milestone,

accepting the blessings of their new in-laws.

Taking the spotlight onto the floor,

with loved ones blur in grace.

The striking star is in their eyes,

shining brightly for all they will face.