Dressed in white,

gratified eyes watching from above.

Rays stunned through the windows of his grand house,

its reflections softens the damp head.

As the newborn skin freshened,

blessing for a sparkling destiny.

Accepting arms welcome with forgiving grace,

with sacrifice comes with lifelong chances.

His blood dissolved into clear water,

dried into new form of life.

Loved ones disguise into guardians of wisdom,

became defined within the golden heart.

Yet the golden heart is forever tested,

an inventor's smiled through the glowing ray.

With temptation turning in every corner,

only then their guardian supports their path.

Stepped out of his house,

displayed their purest form.

Being hugely honoured,

chosen to stay connected.

Gathering together for a photo,

another turning point to look back on.

The proud stance in their creation,

so much love in their warmth.

Knowing in spirit,

as the joyful choir filled the scenery.

The presence was near,

of those hearts that were stolen.

Eternally shine to share,

each celebration of newfound memories.

Letting out a new voice bravely,

identify their own place into His family.