What time do we pick up the keys?

It still doesn't feel real,

knowing this place is actually our own.

Several car trips later,

setting up most of the furniture,

finally we can relax with a quick cuppa.

The place is still empty and echoey,

but we'll cram it with colourful memories.

What have you packed into that cardboard box?

Learning more from your loved ones,

giving you both faith into your decision.

Moving from dependant to independence,

perfect opportunity to work as a team.

With valuable moments to hold on to.

Stripping away the old,

refreshing with the new.

What shall we do with the bills?

Challenging the balance,

the need for breathing space,

the need for quality time.

Gradually exploring,

as your new home brings you closer,

realising how you're still growing,

and adapting into new transformations.

Which cupboard do you want to put the plates in?

After memorizing which place is what,

exploring into each room,

deciding where is the rightful home.

Picturing in your head,

where should this and that go,

knowing deep inside,

together, your leap was the right choice.