Do you have their bag ready?

You may need to save some space,

for many valuable lessons ahead.

To hold dear whose meaningful,

in their new world full of play and curiosity.

At first, it may be daunting,

but all they need is a brave smile,

and the gold will rise from the soil.

Have you packed their lunch box?

A familiar face to ease their concerns,

join in their playground of improvisation.

Explores further into their top secret dens,

as you hold calm hands to the school gate.

At first, it may be confusing,

but imagination brings out raw talents,

and everyone will find their place.

Have you got their exercise books?

Quality time to write some key rules, 

to memorise their new daily routine,

to practise their time keeping,

keeping in mind of support nearby.

At first, it may be puzzling,

but with a little nudge,

you can achieve in the right direction.

Oh and don't forget their pencil case.

for it becomes an essential toolbox,

many colourful devices to improve their educated skills.

Adding a practical addition into their bag,

confident enough to discover.

At first, it may be exciting,

but with taking one step at a time,

getting ready in uniform for the perfect photo.