How your graceful hand smooths over my troubles,

with everything going on at once,

straining to think straight.

But you hold the power,

to refresh my eyes,

able to see,

the beauty of potential.

Passing faith into the most in need.

How can you see it?

Before emptiness becomes over powering.

The smokey fog blocks my path.

What do you see in me?

Enough to guide me,

reaching deep for my irreplaceable possession.

I'm confident to show you,

just how a true role model should be treated.

Can you see the distance?

It is through your proud eyes,

our final destination.

No matter how much stress I'm causing,

your welcoming smile never fails.

Your respect executes my smokey fog,

splashing plenty of colour to my journey,

accepting as my loyal companion.

Every day you give me,

Growing stronger and wiser.

Reassuring of our safe hands,

recovering on trust as our medicine,

allowing me to donate my appreciation.

Allowing us to learn in many ways,

with our distinctive way,

to present to you how thankful I am.