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I never liked that word

I'll only accept for my recovery.

Another train journey,

unable to speak

many carriages fill with worry.

The constant fear of touching,

the conscious eyes on guard

our nemesis will forever be watching.


The train's ear piercing screech,

breaks abruptly for my entrance

hard working parents scared to teach.

The young scamper to their seat,

anxious for their futures

how can we safely greet? 

Forced to accept the new norm,

no way to return

our fabric wall stains into our uniform.


Growing anger,

watching our leader failing

the innocent deserve an honest answer.

Once again,

being told to block my voice

increasing my internal pain.

Forbidden to express,

searching for hope

if only our leader will confess.


The continual nagging, 

I must keep my distance

the brave smile while clapping. 

Armed with our fabric walls,

delay the nemesis at all costs

from a distance our country falls.


I worry for others,

am grateful to still breath

I pray for us to hug each other.

Between two voices,

our struggle to connect

can we spare a moment to rejoice?


high street shops crawl in torment

their customers stray.

Online absorbs their profits,

false promises to ease their heartache

their beloved dreams rest in coffins. 

Hard work is in jeopardy,

accept defeat and lose faith

slowly fading into a distant memory.  


Waiting in a soulless queue, 

put your voice on hold

missing the world I once grew.

The heavy grief for loved ones,

unspoken words are cheated

tears rain onto their resting stones.


This fabric wall,

filled with disappointed sighs

many generations need to bawl.

Everyone is on the same boat,

spiritually holding hands

our stories will leave a note.

We'll face our challenges in honour,

break this fabric wall

and our voices will grow stronger.

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