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From all walks of life,

fighting against the mass.

Forming into our much loved mentors,

growing inside our looking glass.

Wishful thinking for their immortality,

join the life long echoes of cheers.

Their own ability to teach,

even icons carry intimate fears.

For many close to home,

filling our beings with admiration.

Rooting from humble beginnings,

the growing chains of inspiration.

Adaptation tests our personal challenges,

role models carry the weight off a brave mask.

As traditions slip far into non existence,

presents the contradictive task.

Our starving minds left malnourished,

in desperate need for knowledge.

Wolfing down it's hunger,

freedom from tradition is greatly acknowledged.

Surviving into our evolving world,

nostalgia becomes our great comfort.

Our cycle of transformation,

respect is earned through hard effort.

As age grows weary,

the spell must be broken.

For peace of the soul,

the raw truth must be spoken.

As our turning point draws closer,

one's time meets its ending.

Little time to catch our breath,

for another to meet its beginning. 

Through many forms,

we blossom from a seed.

Our growing need for self reflection,

to achieve we have to bleed.

Rising with a long line of scars,

witness for our children.

Trade mistakes for wisdom,

ways of our world are no longer hidden.

Inside is our pure form,

guidance is followed from within.

Only then, do we become our own icon. 

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