Gazing through the tear stained glass,

wrapped up in your cocooned blanket.

With your cosy hot water bottle,

now let your weary mind drift for a moment.

Witness the rain drown out your worries,

while the sun slivers through the dreary clouds.

Its ray blinding for you to breath freely,

filling your heart with forgiveness.  

Take time for your spirit to lift,

allow the sun to dry your tears.

allow the sun to scorch the darkest cloud.

Lead your energy towards our goal,

filling our hearts with your loving image.

Accept time as your medicine,

life is full of challenges,

but we are all fighters in our own paths.

Through our weakness,

our strength shines more radiant,

than our glorious sun.

Another medicine to take daily,

unconditional love from your peers,

avoid the eerie grey focus of the clouds.

Both combined together,

creates a lethal weapon you'd create.

Next time you look through the glass,

set your mind to the clouds,

with fresh eyes they also share.

Transforming from dark to light,

with your passionate love by your side,

burning into the painful darkness.

Leaving behind the mark of recovery,

leading you from under to over the weather.