(Mother's Day)

Just want you to remember, 

feeling brave to accept your new role.

Given up your time,

to be my provider and loving guide.

Held me close,

the first time we met eye to eye.

Clutching onto your little finger,

knowing you're needed and loved.


You are also deeply admired,

for every minute you put in,

making sure I'm fed and clothed.

As each second passes,

our bond blooms stronger.

Listening to our heartbeat,

believing in each other is our key.

Without sacrifice to give.


You are loving,

in placing everyone else above.

To go through a painful challenge,

rewarding you a precious gift.

The ability to give life,

stepping into the next milestone.

Preparing for obstacles,

with your golden heart to lead.


You have my respect,

in providing me your wisdom.

Educating me into reality,

keeping our family afloat.

Battling against the balance.

Throughout time,

slowly learning more,

who I have become today.