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It's so much more

Do you still think it's all fun and games?

Where you can do whatever you want.

To you, it may be nothing,

but to me, it’s an interest that will taunt. 


It’s so much more, 

then just standing on a stage.

Deeper than just learning lines,

releasing your inner rage.


Have you ever lived inside a shell?

Alone, lost and cold,

fearful of reaching out.

Along with time, growing rapidly old.


It’s so much more,

than just learning Shakespeare,

you develop day by day.

Until one day, someone will finally hear.


Do you have something to say?

While you sit and feel like a balloon.

Working so hard to scream it out,

it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom.


It’s so much more,

than just remembering your cues,

as the nerves slowly kick in,

you may even change their views. 


Have you ever felt that breath of fresh air? 

To feel your barriers slip away,

and to step forward,

to shout out what you really want to say. 


It’s so much more,

than just acting,

to me, it opens so many doors.

But to some, they still hide behind masking.


Have you ever felt like you’re at the top of the world?

Being allowed to explore into a world of originality,

get to play, experiment and learn endlessly, 

there will always be room for possibility.


It’s so much more, 

than just an observation,

we can see it as a window or a mirror,

but between you and I, 

we will always have this connection. 

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