Who do you see through the mirror?

After years of hardship,

it's your time to step back.

Knowing you've did your best,

Breathing in a fresh perspective.

Let go of your weighted shoulders,

and decide on your next step.

With freedom for your peace of mind.


Another adventure around the corner,

stress free on your 'To Do' list.

Explore into your desires,

educate into your interests.

Dearest characters,

fill our days and nights,

with their unique colours.

Never too late,

to still reach for your dreams. 


Your ache finally begins to heal,

after being pushed aside.

In the hopes to see your light,

your weary bones,

still have enough spring,

for so much more in life.

After years of climbing to the top,

Your tired eyes are finally able to rest.


Your shining role,

forever imprinted on many.

Your teachings go extra miles,

however big or small.

Given so much for so little,

received back with a restored smile.

Now able to return home,

to look at the mirror and accept with pride.

looking back photo final 2.jpg