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Taking pride in their nests,

the chirping birds  

joyful songs exhale from their chests.

Gather together for new beginnings,

Spring approaches 

gratefully express their raw feelings.


Opportunities to explore,

the open fields

so much to admire and adore.

We glide through the grass,

take one step at a time

our bruises will slowly pass.


Cutting through the tall trees,   

the blinding Summer 

the rays only wish to please.

Guardians of the innocent

a pure mind stumbles

life releases a unique scent.


Positivity dominates the day,

the blue sky

dark clouds gradually fade away.

Inhale the peace

believe in oneself

reflect on this as another piece. 


Whistling through the fallen leaves,

the strong Autumn winds 

the honest branch grieves.

Wiping away the rain’s tears

heartfelt pain is spread throughout

forming relationships with your peers.


Drowning out my worries, 

the rough sea 

leaves room for refreshing stories.

Our hearts dance in rhythmic beat 

with the crashing salty waves,

personal challenges we’ll bravely greet.


Revealing our true reflections,

the bitter cold Winter

Take comfort from your connections.

Welcome love for warmth

feel content in your direction

acceptance presents itself in all forms.

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