After months of waiting,

getting everything prepared.

You're our final piece,

to completing our family jigsaw.

Getting to know you from the inside,

picturing your beautiful face.

Our desperate need to hold you closer,

greatly blessed on your grand arrival.


Feeling honoured as parents,

our responsibility to teach and learn.

Treasuring our dearest gift,

putting what is right first and foremost.

Introducing you to the rest,

all eager to greet you.

Showering you with gifts and love,

all hoping for your happiness. 


Breathless to watch your first steps,

holding your hand towards the door.

Longing to listen to your pure voice,

mesmerized deep into our conversations. 

My heart radiates for your smile,

as curiosity explores into your new world.

Finally at ease with your soft, warm hands,

in time, they'll grow active and insightful. 


Conscious of our future,

as life changes continuously.

Cherishing each moment,

every day counting our blessings.

Witnessing you transform,

into your own unique character.

Our relationship will forever flourish,

relying on each other to appreciate life.