To me,

you'll forever be my dearest.

Who experienced life with us, grew and learnt together.

We both shared our uniqueness, treasured memories.

But now, we both carry the pain of heartache,

as nature cruelly decides to separate us.

Through every journey,

you still provide a presence of great comfort.

As I walk through the same path,

Every time I see a puddle,

you'd gladly be covered in mud.

Every time I see the door,

you'd always sparkle with glee,

always welcoming, always accepting.

The day my heart sank,

the day my eyes were blind.

Forced to enter into an internal battle,

fearful of the dark

and you sat next to me

reassured with your paw on my lap.

Through your eyes,

directed me to your final glimmer.

In time, we will meet again,

in time, our wounded hearts will heal.

From beginning to end,

you held my hand,

and now I hold yours.

To finally seal our eternal mark.