"A picture is worth ten thousand words."

Fred R. Barnard, 1927

I believe that to get the perfect photo, it's to play the role of fly on the wall. This helps to achieve the authentic and relaxed look.

I am passionate in supporting people by promoting their work and sharing their story through photography. 

I can offer commercial photography and also support in setting up your social media to attract your clients.  

"Hi Rebekah, Thanks very much for these, they are lovely!"

Amy Morgan, Colab Exeter


Need support in displaying your boutique rooms?

I always use natural lighting when I can and am satisfied when I'm working hard to create your boutique photo in the best quality, for attracting your clients. 

I am available for hotels, as well as room hires.

The two examples below were from Colab Exeter. 

tea and coffee set conference.jpg


Need some help with how to present your food?

I provide the best quality and take pride in experimenting with different angles and editing to bring out the best for your products.

The example below is a chocolate cake from a cafe during my trip to Athens.

Nothing beats a warm nice chocolate cake


I get excited in being able to capture the key moments of the event and present the importance of your company or charity. 
The two images above were from two events with Colab Exeter, the first is a gentleman from Colab Exeter's open evening event and the second is a group of women from the International women's day event. 
The two below were from Exeter Phoenix's Mental Health Awareness event, the first was a promotional photo from CircleTales, and the second was a group meeting that includes individuals from local companies and charities. The third photo was Lehla Eldridge, co founder and director of Jump Fall Fly. The bottom centre and bottom right photos were from Dreadnought's open mic evening.
group hands.jpg
circletales game 2.jpg
dreadnought open mic 45.jpg
dreadnought open mic 42.jpg


I always feel proud and the sense of achievement in being able to help people through my photography. It is one of the many highlights in being a photographer, meeting a wide range of people and enjoying their company, by listening to their stories. 
The photos below were from my week with The Pelican Project. We started off the week by doing some artwork and creating music from fruit. We then experimented with some sound effects with Exeter Phoenix. The last photo was from Urbanflow Street dance's dance rehearsal.
art 5.jpg
drama 3.jpg
art 6.jpg
fruit piano 5.jpg
dance 32.jpg


To see more of my photography, it is RHCreations on Instagram.