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Once we welcome the Spring morning,
his season of youth.
Our birds will sing in peace,
welcoming our Grandad with glee,
he'll share his beautiful angelic voice once more.

His loved ones gathered,

to inhale the freshness of life.

We embrace the warmth of Summer,
his season of adventure.
Took advantage of every opportunity,
he painted his life with the brightest of colours.
Our sun, couldn't shine brighter than his caring heart,

his heart lets in all we take for granted.

The sun rays into the purest of souls,
his smile delighted the room.
His jokes sliced through any tension.
Whatever challenge he faced,

he accepted with dignity.

We wrap up in coziness of Autumn,
his season of reflection.
Our present dissolves into our past.
The trees carry the weight of a broken heart,

for their warm and ageing leaves.

Accepting their resting places with grace.

On our final joyful Christmas evening,
his season of acceptance.
As the cold settled in for the night,
my dearest announced

he would like to return as rain.

His gift of life is for seeds to blossom.

Please don't think of tears,

think of it as another birth.

Another life to embrace,

another life to treasure.

Allow nature to heal our wounded hearts,

with love running through our veins.
His wisdom will forever stain,
our memories will see him in harmony.

Don't think of it as goodbye,

think of it as we will reunite again.

Once we meet our season of acceptance,

exhale with no regret.
Rest peacefully,
and wait with patience.

Grandad will offer you his hand,

beaming with warmth.
His smile will slice through our darkness once more.



1938 - 2020

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