Last inch of snow disintegrates,

fresh grass rise to their light.

The fluffy angel watches from a distance,

it witnesses youthful hands,

build another nesting home.

Newborn eyes open for their future,

with everything so new and wild,

innocent and yet temptation creeps.


Birds rise to practice their morning vocals,

original songs to assist troubling spirits.

Motherly they gather their vulnerable eggs,

while the chocolate falls into place. 

Listening for their high pitch cries,

echoes of the veins of branches, 

dance with their first breath.

Their need to feed on affection.


Time for your silver spring to slice,

through the shadows of your harsh winter. 

In the eyes, are final moments, 

of a faint glimmer of a mother's tears. 

The hopes for a gentle smile,

enough to survive for another day.

With origins becoming puzzled,

of whom should truly be celebrated.


Droplets of rain pass,

new lease of life break through,

from its unconscious soil.

The comforting glow of sun,

as fresh colours form gracefully.

But dreary clouds continue nearby,

through every pain brings worship,

to our most precious gift.