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Only one can fight these demons,

only one knows inside and out.

That one can try to control,

before they lead into the final blackout.

The constant battle,

refusing to give in.

They laugh as I struggle,

haunting with their sinful grin.

They sneer as I try to feed,

they yell as I open the door.

They threaten as I fight back,

enough to leave my mind raw.

Plagued nightmares play on repeat,

getting harder to push them to Hell.

They forever drain my soul,

into nothing more than a lifeless shell.

They tease with a ghost,

the ghost of whom should be.

But so hard to reach for,

the ghost of whom people truly see.

Clutching on so tight,

grieving for the need to love.

Everything is infected into a deadly virus,

The only way is to accept his dark glove.

So tired of fighting,

feeling it'll be a blessed relief.

For those I love and connect with,

the demons blind me into their traitorous belief.

Releasing endorphins through the knife,

abandon my wrists to wound.

You deserve this, they say,

poisoning my mind to become housebound.

The demons drown out our cries,

stealing our last dream for hope.

Surrender to their final weapon,

the growing sensation, of a hanging rope.

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