What are you planning to do for Christmas?

Will you be feeling nice and cosy in your onesie, and lie on your sofa?

While He was cosy in his blanket and lay on his bed of hay?

Will you be getting the latest IPad or an X-Box game,

when He was given gold, frankincense and murr?

Are your three uncles coming down to visit,

while He had three strangers who were the wise kings?

Are you going to have your house clean and decorated,

while He was given a barn that was messy and filthy?

Will you be cooking a big fat turkey, with all the trimmings including pudding and wine,

while He had been drinking milk?

Will you have the log fire burning all through the night,

while He was sleeping in his mother’s arms during the silent night?

Would you be willing to give away your very first kiss under the mistletoe?

While His flesh and blood was given away to a broken and corrupted world, but did keep the gift of unconditional love.

Is the man of the house planning to sit on the best seat and carve the turkey?

While He had been given power to rule the Kingdom of Heaven?

Have you been practising some carol singing,

while his father sent out a star and an angel down to guide their way into Bethlehem?

What role did you play for the Nativity play?

His role was to teach everyone to love, care and trust his father.

Oh can you hear the church bells ringing for the Christmas morning?

I can imagine how Mary felt when she first heard her son’s heartbeat.

Have you decided on what to do after Christmas?

He started out as a carpenter, and then ended up being remembered for many centuries to come.

Now I’m wondering, who do you expect to come on Christmas day?

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