Peeling another layer,

as our time passes.

Trembling hands become calm,

rapid breathing become relaxed.

Dreamy eyes become lost,

into our world of ideal reality.

Working into a perfect team,

for every obstacle in every corner.


Each day gets emptier,

without their presence.

Becoming the lost soul,

without their sense of touch.

Once they're nearby,

your soul fills with colour.

Adding another layer,

into wisdom and acceptance.


Your hunger for their proud hearts,

Creates the sweetest song,

through one of their strings.

Learning from inside and out,

the purest souls connect,

intimate for their passion.

Educating on who they are,

along with their best friend.


Your hopes for the final milestone,

mentally planning your perfect fairy tale.

Both stand on the same page,

and honesty presents the key.

Holding hands for your jump,

eternally by your side.

Watching your puzzle form,

into a crystal clear image.