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I wouldn’t have thought,

you’d have this condition,

yet, many people should be taught.

It is not a disease,

it’s only a part of me,

hoping everyone will be at ease.


I can’t see,

how your condition affects you,

I wish to feel truly free.

Behind closed doors,

constant battles against your mind,

the choice will always be yours.


I never heard,

of Asperger’s Syndrome,

assumptions become blurred.

Label me as a stereotype,

blocking out my voice, 

my creativity should be the hype.


I wouldn’t have imagined,

what daily life really is like,

taking a simple routine for granted.

Keeping in control,

avoiding another meltdown,

mentally taking its toll. 


I wouldn’t have coped,

with that nagging voice, 

another meltdown is provoked.

Regrettably making excuses,

ending another tearful day, 

with deep internal bruises.


I finally understand,

what you’re going through,

supporting hand in hand.

Outshining your disability,

honesty shines through,

becoming a unique ability. 

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