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3…2…1 happy new year everyone

this will finally be my year,

the concerns should’ve begun.

We all shared a bottle

mask less cheers were spread,

the virus was subtle.


Businesses were free to open

no room for worries,

no thought for hand lotion.

A round of smiles for loyal clients

excitement filled the space,

trusted in my guidance.


Believing it was a phase

my mind’s occupied with hope,

this will soon go to waste.

Affectionately giving out hugs

the fear creeps in,

but he ignorantly shrugs. 


Out with the old

in with the new,

suddenly put on hold.

Email after email

postpone after postpone,

my face turns pale.


My little bubble exploded

panic plagued the air,

shops were overcrowded.

Shelves left abandoned and bare

the vulnerable follow behind, 

with very little to spare.


One step outdoors

questions needed answers,

retreat to the indoors.

Media manipulates my fear

polluting my mind,

anxious for my career.


The news give mixed signals

little time to pack,

my heart goes out to hospitals.

Remain in one household

adapt within four walls,

paranoid in catching a cold.


Urgently need to stop

my mind has to recuperate,

nature fades into my backdrop.

Face to face dissolves into online

meetings fill the empty days,

a brave smile to show I’m fine. 


Missing half of the year

busy with household jobs,

still wouldn’t stand near.

Bored of the same routine

walking for the sake of it,

next will be the rowing machine.


Once a week

NHS received discouraging claps,

emotionally feeling weak.

See others from my doorstep

our eyes fill with heartache,

this world we have to accept.


Filthy lies cram in our screens

one rule for him, another for us,

by all means.

Disregard any respect for us 

and we’ll refuse to listen,

we have nothing more to discuss.


All this time

anger for the innocent,

this path is hard to climb.

This virus altered my world view

in years to come we look back, 

I only wish we knew.

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