Write Place Write Time

I will be hosting a writing radio podcast with Phonic.FM called "Write Place Write Time". This will include both mine and other writer's work and interviews with them. I also plan to get my audience involved by playing a mix of songs to help gain inspiration in their own storytelling.

Write Place Write Time allows other people to have their voices and stories heard. Whether it's to share your love story for a wedding or to welcome a new member to the family.


I strongly believe that everyone's voices should be heard because it is important to feel connected and to help gain confidence through writing and creative arts.

More updates on my upcoming radio podcast will be coming soon on social media.


Need some support in selling your products or services?
I provide high quality writing and it is important to me to see from our audience's perspective, allowing them to feel connected to your service or product.
My experience includes writing for events, website content, case studies, blogs and product descriptions. 
The example below is one of the many product descriptions for The Donkey Sanctuary's online shop.
Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 21.59.18.png


Searching for something extra in a greeting card? Or fancy a poetic feel to display at home?

Now available are printed poems as greeting cards, framed poetry and much more. A lovely gift for a loved one on any special occasion.

Including both an abstract and artistic design, with both free verse and rhyming poetry. For a wide range of occasions and messages, such as sympathy for your beloved, thank you from your friends, getting well soon and even national days such Easter, Valentine's and Christmas. 

You can see filmed versions on my Youtube channel and also order now from RKHPrintedPoetry on Etsy.

For commercial orders please fill in the contact form.



Recently I have been experimenting and have come up with framed poetry. This is done by writing a short piece based on my photography and one of my examples is a filmed spoken word poem called 'the raw beauty'. My Youtube channel, RH Creations Rebekah Horton. 

If you would like to add a piece that is both artistic and poetic for your home, you can order from my Etsy page.

"Your words are mesmerizing. The pictures you paint in my head will last forever. Thank you."

Shu Shin Shah, Youtube 2019




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