I have produced, edited and filmed a one-off project that is a mini series of vlogs about writing with Recovery Devon called "Write Place Write Time". This includes my audience to gain inspiration through music, photos and story cubes to help with their storytelling, character development and plots. I also provided some character and plot development sheets to help my audience with their stories. 

Write Place Write Time allows people to grow in confidence and gain the freedom for their voices and stories to be heard. I strongly believe that everyone's voices should be heard because it is important to feel connected and to help gain confidence through writing and creative arts.

“Thank you so much for such a professional and informative contribution.”


James Wooldridge


Episode 1

Where do you get your ideas from?

Episode 2

Who is my character?

Episode 3

What is my plot?

Episode 4

How do you edit and 

finish your story?

Episode 5

Where to submit 

your story?

Episode 6 

Submit your story